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Why Experts Recommend Tummy Time for Babies

Why Experts Recommend Tummy Time for Babies
March 10, 2018 Inaki
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Tummy Time Tips!

Ok, so we all know that new babies should never be laid down to sleep on their tummies and how it can increase the risk of SIDS.  So why do the same experts recommend tummy time? Did you do it for the recommended time? Is it that important? Both my kids hated tummy time, I remember the health nurse calling at the usual milestone check-ups and me bluffing about how often I did tummy time.


But tummy time has some real benefits for babies, we asked the experts, check it out;

  • Gross Motor Skills – When your baby is on her tummy, she is motivated to push herself up and look around. This develops her muscles, but the point is not to have the strongest baby in town.  It also develops her motor skills.  Other developmental tasks will be easier for her down the road.
  • Head Shape – It’s only cosmetic, but babies can develop a flat spot on the back of their heads if they spend much of their time on their backs. It’s nothing to panic about, but that’s never stopped new parents from panicking!  Tummy time is a fun, healthy activity that just happens to prevent a flat spot.
  • Prevent Boredom – While your baby is years away from whinging ‘I’m boooored’, she will be bored if she doesn’t get to see the world from different perspectives. And a bored baby is a fussy baby.  Give her some tummy time, wear her in a carrier, take her for walks in her pram.  You’ll find the balance of activity and rest that keeps your baby happiest.

Tummy time isn’t complicated.  You can start while your baby is a newborn by laying him on his tummy across your lap for a few minutes at a time.  When he’s a few months old, you can spread a blanket on the floor for 10 minutes twice a day.  Stay with him, and you not only ensure his safety, you get to see each new bit of progress as he moves his head and arms, reaches for toys and wiggles around preparing to crawl.  Don’t push him to do anything in particular during tummy time. It’s just a bit of fun that boosts his development.


So there you go folks, a little bit of tummy time every day is the way to go! Want to know more about kiki moon? Check us out on INSTAGRAM here.

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