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Organic Cotton – Safest Fabric for Babies?

Organic Cotton – Safest Fabric for Babies?
May 1, 2018 Keelin O'Keeffe
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Why Organic Cotton is the Safest Fabric for Newborn Skin.

We often get asked about what kind of fabric we use for our baby blankets. Naturally, parents want to know what they’re putting on their new little babies and gift buyers want to give a beautiful baby gift but also a safe one.

The answer for us is simple. We use the highest quality organic cotton for our baby blankets. Why? Because it’s the only fabric I would put next to my own newborn baby. But exactly why is organic cotton so important and why is it the safest fabric for newbies?

Organic cotton baby blanket

Cotton fabrics permit better aeration and will keep your baby cool. The nature of cotton permits it to absorb and remove body’s moisture easily, simply meaning your baby won’t overheat. Synthetic fabrics won’t help with heat regulation so you need to be very careful using synthetic fabrics with very young babies. Or even better, don’t use them!

Great for Babies with Eczema and Asthma

One of our moms, Kelly Mulcahy was chatting to me recently and told me that her baby has really bad eczema and her kiki moon baby blanket is the only one she has that doesn’t irritate her baby’s skin. This is really important, a growing number of babies are born with skin conditions or baby eczema. My son was the same and I had to be so careful with any textiles that touched his skin as it would really irritate him. The last thing you want is an irritated non-sleeping baby! Trust me I know what I’m talking about as someone who hasn’t slept properly in 4 years!

organic cotton pink baby blanket


Safe, Soft, Durable

Cotton is also great for babies who suffer from asthma because unlike other materials, it doesn’t release small particles that can trigger an attack. It’s really a no-brainer. Stick to cotton and if possible organic cotton baby blankets and clothes for new babies. It’s safe, soft, durable and your baby will thank you for it. (And hopefully sleep through the night, no promises!).


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