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Throw a Halloween Party

Throw a Halloween Party
October 31, 2017 Keelin O'Keeffe
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Throwing A kids Halloween Bash?

Do your kids love Halloween? Maybe you have a child with a birthday close to Halloween, or maybe your little kids are feeling left out of some of the scary fun. I know my youngest gets really scared at some of the scary decorations!! Here’s some tips on throwing a not too scary Halloween bash!


Halloween is a great holiday for fun party foods. Try these treats.


  • Wrap breadsticks around hot dogs to look like mummies. Bake them in the oven. When they have cooled, put two dots of ketchup on each for eyes.
  • Fill clear cups with chocolate pudding and crushed cookies. Top with gummy worms to make “dirt”. You can also add half cookies to turn your dirt into a graveyard.
  • Use cookie cutters to make Halloween shapes in rice cereal treats.
  • Hollow out a watermelon. Carve a face into the front. Fill it with fruit salad.
  • Add red sherbet, a clear fizzy drink and fruit punch to a large bowl. Freeze water in plastic gloves for ice hands that will look creepy but keep the drink cold.
  • Make chocolate cupcake spiders with ropes of black licorice coming out the top. Pipe on icing eyes or use edible eyes.
  • Serve hot chocolate with a ghostly plop of whipped cream on top. Use icing or small candies for eyes.





  • Split kids into teams of 2 or 3. Give each team several rolls of toilet paper, and let kids turn each other into mummies.
  • String a clothesline across the lawn or inside. Use string to tie donuts to the clothesline so they are hanging down. Blindfold the children and have them take turns trying to eat the donuts off the string.
  • Give each child a plastic spider and a straw. Ask kids to race their spiders by blowing them across a table, a wooden floor or another hard surface.




  • Depending on the ages of your guests, set up a table for either carving or painting pumpkins. Paint markers are great for this project.
  • Give kids black plastic cups, googly eyes and black pipe cleaners to make their own spiders.
  • Give prizes for the most original costume, craziest costume, most beautiful costume and any other categories you can think of. Try to have a prize for each child.


Party Favours


Nothing says Halloween like a treat bag. Let kids decorate a paper bag with markers, stickers or paint. Set up a sweets bar where kids can fill their bags with their favourite treats. They may be too young for haunted houses, but your kids can enjoy a Halloween party created just for them.

Photo of two eerie boys looking at cookies on Halloween table




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